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Tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide
Hereinafter referred to as: TMAH
Alias: four methyl ammonium hydroxide
CAS No.75-59-2
The United Nations number: 1835
8 level of danger:
The level of packaging: II
Chemical empirical formula: (CH3) 4 noh · 5 h2o
Chemistry: the molecular weight of 181.15
Appearance: five crystalline hydrate is white crystal, soluble in alcohol and water
Melting point: 63 ° C
Performance: can quickly absorb carbon dioxide from the air, forming carbonate for organic alkali, strong corrosion resistance, long time exposure easy absorption of moisture in the air, pay attention to the airtight preservation, decomposition temperature: 135 ° C.
Quality indicators:
project indicators
appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
The main content (%) P 96
Carbonate (with tetramethyl ammonium carbonate), % 0.5 or less
Don't volatiles, % 0.1 or less
Chloride, % 0.05 or less
Packing: packed in 250 grams/SuPing, 30 kg/barrel, 40 bottles /;Or according to customer's needs.
Purpose: 201 methyl silicone oil, amino silicone oil, silicone rubber silicone products such as catalyst in polymerization.When aqueous solution using, can be used as a synthetic RT from catalyst, can also be used for polyester polymer, textile, leather, wood processing, electronics, electroplating and other industries, is also a polarographic experimental support.

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