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Alias: N, N '- two alien base carbon two imine diisopropyl carbide imine
CAS No.693-13-0
The United Nations number: 2929
Level of danger: 6.1
The level of packaging: II
Chemical empirical formula: C6H14N2
Chemistry: the molecular weight of 114.1888
Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Density: 0.84 g/ml
Boiling point: 145-148 ° C
Flash: 33 ° c.
Refractive index: 1.4310 to 1.4340
Property: it is sensitive to moisture, odor.Has damage to the cornea, severe cases can lead to blindness.The water decomposition.
Quality indicators:
project indicators
The main content, % 99.0 or higher
Package: 20 kg/barrel 40 kg/barrel, etc
Use: this product is widely used in medicine, health care products, cosmetics, biological agents, and other organic synthesis field.

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