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N, N - diisopropyl ethylenediamine
Alias: 2 - (diisopropyl amino) ethylamine
CAS No.121-05-1
The United Nations number: 2734
8 level of danger:
The level of packaging: II
Chemical empirical formula: 2 nch2ch2nh2 [(CH3) 2 ch]
Chemistry: the molecular weight of 144.15
Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Density: 0.828 g/ml (20 ° C)
Boiling point: 169-171 ° C
Flash: ° 54 C
Performance: slightly soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents.
Quality indicators:
project indicators  
appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
The main content, (by Chem.) % 99.0 or higher
The moisture and (by KF) % 0.5 or less
Other, % 0.5 or less
Packing: 200 l plastic drum, net weight 160 kg/barrel;Or according to customer needs.
Usage: used for synthesis of gamma - lactam type of brain function to improve drug's raschig temple and other important pharmaceutical intermediates.

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