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1, exhaust gas treatment

The process waste gas (exhaust gas) produced in the company's production process is collected, deep-cooled, and washed into the incinerator for incineration.


2, sewage treatment
After the process wastewater is pretreated by physicochemical treatment, it enters the biochemical treatment facility with other wastewater. After the treatment reaches the standard of the nanotubes, the nanotubes are connected to the sewage treatment plant, and then treated to meet the “Emission Standards for Pollutants in Urban Sewage Treatment Plants” (GB18918-2002). After the first-class A standard, it is discharged into Xin'anjiang.

3. Waste gas treatment
The company's exhaust pollutants include process waste gas, storage tank waste gas, waste water treatment odor and test waste gas, which are incinerated in acinerator after multi-stage condensation, pickling and alkali washing.

4, energy saving
After the exhaust gas enters the incinerator for incineration, the waste heat is used to heat the boiler to generate steam for production, which reduces production costs.

5, clean production
In accordance with the goal of cleaner production, we will establish a series of production process management systems, clean production incentive systems, and strengthen the environmental management and implement various clean production measures and requirements to reach the domestic advanced level.

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